Tuesday, February 28, 2006

last day of february 2006

well, here it is, the last day of the month & what have I got to show for it. a barelyblog that's what!!!!! meaning I barely can keep up with it!!!! as it is, I'm terribly disorganized & this blog is no exception. it's a routine & I don't do routines very well. but at least I'm trying. so hopefully by this evening I'll have the baby hat & booties to show you.....
I also completed the sox & the pink mouse (to be felted!!!) & they are both in the washing machine. drat!!!!!!!
last night I cast on for 1 of the townsend sock knitting patterns which I fell in love with but once I started it I found I it was a little too much for my pea brain...cables & all. now normally I have no problem w/cables but on size 0 needles it's a little too much for me!!!!

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Sandra Knapp said...

Hey, what Townsend sock pattrn were you trying, the Spring Fling? It looks really easy to me, and I'm going to be doing it myself soon. Don't give up so easy lady, I know you can do it.