Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I won a goodies!!!!!

The Opalchatters is a yahoo group all about Opal sock yarn & the US distributor is Ptyarns....& one of the owners is Soxie, who is quite generous!!!!! on tuesday she has a newsletter full of interesting tidbits & contests & things & guess who won a prize for her very own Opal sox being in the sock drawer????!!!!! ME, that's who!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled beyond thrilled & that is why my motto is "whatcha got, gimme!!!!!" hee hee heee!!!! anyway, here is a pic of my gorgeous new Opal called Krokodile!!!!!!!


Sandra Knapp said...

Wow, that's some really pretty yarn there. Now, have you figured out yet what sock pattern you are going to use it with? Can't wait to find out.

Ollie said...

not a clue!!! ha ha!!!

Anonymous said...

hey woman, it's been days! post already, would ya? i miss you! and if you don't change pictures, i'll never stop being insanely jealous of you for winning that awesome opal!