Saturday, March 25, 2006

baby sox

I finished the baby sox....created a new pattern in the process strictly by accident. if I can figure out what I did & put it into words I'll add it here. in the meantime, here's a pic!

I got a wonderful surprise today but I won't say what it is until I get a pic taken. I am lucky to have such good friends. so very lucky. that's all for now.


Sandra Knapp said...

About time you posted those socks. And aren't they just the cutest things too? I just love em lady! I love em!!

Did you knit those from the toe up? I only ask because it looks like the heel flap is on the bottom, or it's my stupid glasses that are preventing me from seeing that part just right. Maybe it's just because of the way the stripes are going on the bottom of the heel that makes me think that. Don't mind me. What do I know??? hahaha They are still gorgeous little baby socks and I love em!

Ollie said...

geez woman, you are more observant that you should be!!!!!! more to come!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, that's the k1slip1 heel stitch on the bottom of that foot allrighty. great job on the cast off! i can never get my cast off to look that good when i do toe up. boo hoo!

as for the heel flap on the bottom of the foot, maybe that'll actually make the sock stronger and it'll last longer, since i always seem to wear holes in the bottom of my foot first anyway. and i'm just imagining that extra cushiness on my heel and thinking it would be delightful. i think i'll try that on a pair soon and see how it feels!