Friday, March 03, 2006

lots to show & tell!!!!

wow, I've been busy knitting & finally have the pics to show for it!!! but do I have the shamrock pic???? hell no!!!! of course not!!!! why??? because I am a dingbat, that's why!!!!
1st, here's a pic of the knitted/felted mouse I made out of some leftover Lopi Icelandic....I had made some kids vest for CIC (Children in Common) & I tried to use lots of bright colors so my leftovers are being used for small felted items. I know I had much more of the Lopi at 1 time but it must have been lost in the move out here to arizona. oh well, such is, I made a hat & booties for a doc who's expecting. I got a pic of the hat but not the booties...but I will 1 of these days!
I also finished a pair of sox, cuff down w/a short row heel. the same heel you did, sandi!! yes, I love it too & find it 1 of the easiest....almost as easy as the joyce williams but not quite, as I've done 1 or 2 more of those!!!


kimi said...

awesome pics! and i love the mouse! when do i get to see the kitty?

Anonymous said...

ok! now ur in my 'favorites' so i can check on you EVERYDAY!!!!! and ur makeing me wanna get a blog going, like i don't have enough to do!!!!! weebees n me love our mouse!!!!!

Sandra Knapp said...

The little mouse is adorable. I bet Mushie is loving it too. By the way, did you happen to think to fill it with catnip? I would have.

I like the hat too, and the socks are really pretty, but you don't say what yarn you used, so how can I copy? hee hee

Glad you found that heel easy too. I guess I'll have to check out that Joyce Williams heel somewhere, someday!