Tuesday, March 07, 2006

stinki & storm

little stinki is the cat in the back & little storm is the cat in the front. stinki lives w/a friend back in NY because there were a few dogs that needed homes & we thought it a good idea for stinki to live w/my friend phil & his cat storm. She has been there ever since especially since he recently moved from a small apt to a house!!!!!

next I really & truly need to post a pic of tabitha before she gets her feelings hurt!!!!! she is also a beautiful cat & I feel kinda sorry for her lately because she is really scared of the kitten. and joe bought a new cat-bed w/built in catnip (big mistake) & tabitha took a liking to it & climbed right in. I told him to just let her do what she wants & let them get to know each other at their own pace.

so in the meantime, I just had to knit up a mouse; much smaller this time, & not felted yet but it will be soon. I'll have joe take a pic when I get home. it was made w/a hand dyed wool in purpley/pink/blues & it's real pretty. I don't think I'll even bother w/adding the ears; I just wanna get it felted & give it to the felines to fight over!!!! I'm knitting a spikey ball also but that has that loopy over the thumb technique & I'm still very clutzy at doing it.

my skin has been so dry lately & the only thing that has really helped me is petroleum jelly. I've been rubbing it on everything & sure enough have started getting licked by both cats. I put a blob on my finger & they lap it up. I usually do that once a month as it's a good remedy for hairballs w/out buying all that over the counter/could kill you crap. and they love it so maybe I'll start scooping out spoonfuls & eating it too!!!! like eating jif peanut butter!!!!!! ha ha ha!!!!!


kimi said...

happy birthday ollie! wish i could see you today. hope you have a fantastic day!

Mel said...

you are truly, one sick puppy!!!

Happy birthday!

Sandra Knapp said...

Stinki is adorable, and so is Stormy. Waiting for Tabitha's photo. Got to be fair. If you show off one, you have to show them all!

And now you're eating Vaseline??? GAH! I don't know how you do such things! I've heard of it for cats to help them eliminate hair balls. I have used it myself for dry cracked hands. If you put it on at night, and then cover your hands with cheap cotton throw-a-way gloves and leave them on while sleeping, it does a great job. But eating it yourself???? I'm gagging at the thought!