Sunday, October 29, 2006

happy halloween from my SP9 bud!!!!!

is this the most adorable lil punkin you ever did see???? secret pal o mine, did you knit & felt that yourself????? it came out just lovely!!!!! and check out the card that she made just for me me me!!!! yes, I know she did!!! I can tell!!!!
and look really really closely now......fobs that say I for Increase & D for Decrease....I have NEVER seen anything like that before!!!!! they are adorable!!!!! thank you so much my dear SP9 are the best!!!!


Sandra Knapp said...

What an adorable pumpkin! I'm so glad you are enjoying your secret pal so much because I know you are also just as thoughtful to her.


Your SP 9 Pal said...

I am so happy that you like the little felted pumpkin and yes I did knit and felt that myself, I winged it on the lid (couldn't find a pattern). When I saw the letter initials I knew they just had to be turned into decrease/increase stitch markers. P.S. There was suppose to be some candy in the pumpkin but it didn't make it, however I know you will be happy to heard that it was mighty fine tastin!!!!!

Maggie said...

no comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!