Sunday, October 08, 2006

what am I doing anyway????

I've been so busy trying to organize myself for next wednesday when I leave for NY that I've really had nothing to post about. I have projects, this is true. my triangle shawl appears almost done but in actuality I have a really long way to go & will be forced to wear my sweatshirt jacket instead. maggie made a gorgeous pi shawl last year & has offered to lend it to me so I'll have something to wear over my dress while heading to the wedding. I already told her that when folks start complementing me on my shawl I shall say that I made it. and why not??? they can't PROVE I didn't. well, if they read this I guess they can. but now your talking technicality & I ain't gonna go there. let's just leave it at that.
my friend kim had emailed me the other day, all in a dither, telling me to go read the yarn right away!!!! so I went to her site & saw a pic of a lacey thing & in the title was the word ETHEREAL. stupid me thought she was working on the ethereal fichu that I'm also working on & my 1st thought was "wonder if she had the same problem as me"...I emailed kim back splaining my thoughts to her & got chastised for not noticing that the yarn harlot had gotten married!!!!! how the hell am I supposed to know???? I thought she WAS married!!!! that's what I get for reading her books when she says "my husband joe". oh well, at least I'm posting. if you want quality you'll have to go to somebody else's blog.
I should probably take a pic of my triangle shawl while I'm here. but the pics never come out w/the nice bright color of the yarn I'm using. everything I make appears neon & beleive me, it's really not. I use some really nice stuff. but then it's really not my fault because I'm not taking the actual pic...joe is. I'm at his mercy because I'm too damn cheap to buy myself a camera. yes, sandie, I know what you're thinking & you can just yell at me at rhinebeck. better not have your camera with you to take my pic either. I just might steal it & then what'll you do, huh??? it's a real long way from your house to mine, sugar puff!
I must tell you what joe did. I was chatting w/him the other day as we sat on the porch smoking our cigarettes & I just happened to mention that maybe I should get 1 of the sony portable cd things...for my plane ride all by my lonesome for which I will be a basketcase. it would at least keep me occupied. never being 1 to keep a secret, he told me that he had ordered me a portable cd/dvd player & sure enough it arrived the next day & it's just wonderful! so now I can watch my knitting dvd's (yes, I love to watch knitting, in any shape or form & think more people should make dvd's so that maybe I could finally manage to knit without goal in life...that & being able to fake burp. did I just say that out load???) while on the plane in between knitting the backyard leaves scarf, the 2 sox on 2 circs, or the ethereal fichu (maybe I should hold off on doing the fichu on the plane since I am easily ditracted & could possibly make a mistake. ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! no, really.
geez louise have I been babbling on & on over nothing for the past 1/2 hour? let me see if I can get a pic taken of that triangle shawl. wish me luck.
and as a spcial added treat, here is a pic of Tabitha, who didn't want to move while the pic of the shawl was being taken.


Sandra Knapp said...

Ah, isn't Tabitha adorable?? But you KNOW I have a weak spot for all cats calico! haha

The shawl is coming along really well. And such a gorgeous color too, even if the photo doesn't do it justice. If you want a great shot with true color representation, take the picture outside, but not in full sun but in a rather shaded area. The colors come out true to color there. I found out by mistake, but I remembered well.

S. :)

ollie said...

you mean, make joe go out & take the picture for me in the outdoors where there are bugs & pollen & all kinds of hazardous waste by products??? oh my, you must be daft! now maybe, just maybe, he will entrust his beloved camera to me for all of 47 seconds, so I can take the pic myself???? oh why do I even say things like that & get myself all excited for nothing!!!

Kimi said...

Okay you, what do you mean i was all in a tizzy? Okay, okay, maybe i was just a teeny tiny bit excited about the harlot's marriage news. And how the heck was I supposed to know you were knitting something ethereal?


Heck, at this point I'm just glad to see a new post from you! It's not like i get to see you every week or anything. or ever. Jeez, when are we going to get our knit nites back? or our saturdays? honestly, you working two jobs is really cramping my style! and cutting into my ollie time. and haven't we been over this like a million times? Me? center of the universe? remember?

hope you're having a blast in NY and that the wedding is at least half as much fun and Rhinebeck!

miss you!