Thursday, November 23, 2006

Baby Alpaca Throw

Here are some pics of my throw that I finally finished today....the throw itself was done months ago. it was the edging that has taken me this long to do. that is 1 heavy blankie, lemme tell ya. it's a bulky weight & the edging is worked back & forth so I couldn't even do my knitting back backyards as most of the edging was knit on both sides & I haven't quite mastered purling back backwards so I wasn't gonna take any chances. the edging is pretty tho, & it matches the leaves almost perfectly. it wasn't even part of the pattern. Maggs found the edging in a book somewhere & told me if I didn't put an edging on it after all that work, that I was nuts. she was right as always. no blocking has been done yet. I'll probably have to lay it on the floor on top of a clean sheet, of course. the thought of it on the floor at all makes me cringe. I have issues after all. anyway, it was a fun project & I really like the way it came out. very naturey!!! even with all those damn bobbles.
happy thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sandra Knapp said...

WOW!!! I am speechless!!!!!!
That is THE most beautiful throw I have ever seen! I think it's time you let me down from that pedistal and you need to climb upon it yourself! I bow down to your magnificant knittery!!!!!!!!!!!
My Idol - Ollie!!!!!!


Your SP9 Pal said...

WOW is right!!!! I thought all your other work is beautiful but this is just SPECTACULAR!!!!

Maggie said...

my blocking necessary........excellent work my friend!