Monday, November 27, 2006

Holiday Knitting

I really don't have many people that are interested in anything knitted so that's 1 thing I don't have to worry about. getting them to tell me what they want is another. so while I wait, I cast on for a mosaic sock. it's color knitting at it's very best. no worrying about the strands being too just have to remember to do every row twice. maybe I should have done a larger project 1st, like a felted purse, just to get back in the swing of it but I guess it's too late now. I shall post a pic when I've got something you can actually see. that's all for now.


kimi said...

wow, look at you! you have archives and everything! i'm so jealous, such a lovely blog you have.

so, i asked santa to give me your pink throw for Christmas. he said he doesn't steal from people. whatever! so i left a message for the Great Pumpkin. his people said they'd get back to me.

just sayin, you might want to lock it up.


Your SP9 Pal said...

You can knit any little old thing ya want to for me! You'll just have to wait until SP9 is over to send it to me!!!!!

Maggie said...

ok kim, that's a really NOT cleaver way to try to get a blanket, esp. THAT blanket!!!!!!! I'll be watching to see how this one plays out!!!!! Oh yes I will!!! M

and one more thing, what the hell is a sp9????