Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Multidirectional Scarf

that Karen Baumer...boy, she really is something. look at Hester now, all dolled up in 1 of the most enjoyable patterns of all time. I hope I did her justice by capturing the colors that her multidirections take...and yes, that's Noro Kureyon in a gorgeous purply/red colorway. I went to a garage sale when I 1st moved here & got the bargain of a lifetime....all for 20 bucks. besides the Noro, there was some Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride & a lovely silk/wool too. most of it has been knitted but I wanted something special for my 3 balls of Noro & this is it.

I've been searching for a penquin stitch pattern so I can knit my son's girlfriend (a penguin fanatic) a scarf or facecloth or something. so if anybody knows of 1 please let me know! now let me get back to my baby alpaca throw....I'm making some mad progress on that edging, by golly!!!!

oh, and I read all my comments...just don't know how to reply in there now that I foolishly signed up for that stinkin beta program...it makes me log in all over the place just to do something simple. anyway, thank you all for your kind comments!!!


Sandra Knapp said...

Wow, you sure have been busy!!!!
I love the multidirectional scarf. You continue to boggle my mind. How did you manage that one? knitting in different directions and not getting lost????? You did a great! And it's a most beautiful scarf.

Your little grey hat is cute too. And it doesn't matter it was boring as long as the recipient is happy with it. Right?

Have a great day :)

Kimi said...

great scarf. gotta love the noro, the perfect yarn for that project. i can't believe you've had it for so long and never knit it up! although, i must admit to having some noro silk garden that i bought like what, 3 years ago? and i haven't so much as swatched with it.

i'm really proud of you for posting so often and for this rush of finished stuff! keep it up! i love love love the pictures!

Maggie said...

i never saw this because..........???????????