Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Brown Sheep Cap all done

heaven knows I can't just work on 1 thing at a time...oh hell no. but I did manage to get this lil cap finished, blocked & on the way to the giftee who will be using it to ski. it's brown sheep lamb's pride & it was simple but boring. I hope it keeps his lil head toasty while shushing down the slopes.


Kimi said...

loverly. simply loverly. and just how is it you know someone who is shushing down snowy mountains? while we sit here and bake? like a batch of cactus cookies!

and not for nothin, i'm sensing a trend towards toasty knit hats. has your head been cold lately? is that what's spurred this recent spate of hat knitting?

inquiring minds want to know!

Your SP9 Pal said...

Another masterpiece I see . . . okay now do one in green . . . put a pom pom on top and enter it in our SP9 hostess' contest before Dec 1 (contest rules on posted on her blog somewhere). . . you could be the winner of some neat prize (yarn) . . . one of us has to win (just in case I don't finish mine in time-hehehe)