Sunday, November 12, 2006

updated hat all done

I ripped out the white on black hat & reknitted it to become the black on white hat. tomorrow it will be on it's way to my SIL in Florida. I already warned her that it might be a bit too big so maybe she'll have to wear ear muffs underneath!! ha ha ha!!!
Donna, I hope you like it.

I think the ribbing could have been longer, at least 3 inches, but I followed the pattern specifying 1 inch which was a mistake. next time I'll make it longer. I think I love the inside almost as much as the has it's own pattern going on! here are a few pics, hopefully showing all the details, modeled by my dear sweet Hester.


Kimi said...

oh my, that is one pretty hat. but i have a question: did you say it's going to your SIL in


now, i know it's weird that we knit woolies here in zona, but florida? really? what's she going to do with it? wear it to the mall when they turn the a/c up too high? hehehehehe

just kiddin, it's a great hat and i'd be proud to wear it! even if it was a sweltering 90 degrees! hehehehehe

Sandra Knapp said...

It's beautiful Ollie. And the reason they don't want you making the ribbed cuff any longer is because it would only hide all that gorgeous pattern knitting! I must be seen!!! :)

Kerry said...

It's absolutely gorgeous! You did such a wonderful job!

Your SP9 Pal said...

Love your hat even if the first pic looks like someone is going to rob a bank . . . I know you said the pattern was easy but you could never tell. It's beautiful. Hope you will send the pattern to me after we reveal ourselves!
P.S. . . Florida? They wear these hats in Florida?