Thursday, November 16, 2006

cap sent to florida

well, I ran the elastic around the ribbing, tacked it down so there was no chance of it being seen & sent it off. I'd like to cast on for another cap but this time, just a plain warm wooly one that a friend wants to go skiing in. I have some nice manly wool I could use so I better get started. I had also cast on for the Birch (by Rowan) but already need to look for something else to do in the meantime. I cast on for a cap for caps for the capital, which should take no time at all. and now I plan on having a nice relaxing weekend!!

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Your SP9 Pal said...

Relaxing weekend? You must be planning to knit all weekend. I am very envious! P.S. If I send you the yarn, would you make me a cap. Winters are cold here!