Tuesday, December 06, 2005

ah, friends.....

you see what threatening your friends can do???? a few have already posted!!!! well, especially now, holiday time & all. They know what side of the butter their bread is on, I tell you!!
I really am lucky tho. they are THE best!!!!!
as I type this, my cat is lying directly under my feet, cleaning herself, & every once in awhile her nail stabs me in my leg. I about nearly fell off my chair. she demands alot of attention all of a sudden especially since we lost our pup, Sandi, recently. I had her (Sandi) since she was a baby & she & the cat grew up together.
Anyway, now the cat seems to be pawing at my butt hanging out thru the chair rungs. enuff about her.
I will be starting a scarf for the scarf exchange I just joined, thanks to kerry of kerry knits. I wish I knew how to post links to other peoples blogs & list stuff but for now you'll just have to listen to me drone on & on. I must write to my partner to make sure certain yarns are not off limits. I'll probably keep it fairly plain but will use a yummy yarn, hopefully. ok, I'm tired so off I go. till tomorrow!

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kimi said...

well, guess i don't have to say "holy you know what", since that's sooooo yesterday. hehehe. nice blog!

now, if you can just figure out how to post pictures.............