Saturday, December 10, 2005

it never fails

I tried to stay up as late as I could to try & prolong the weekend but here it is, saturday morning already. that means that it will be monday morning in like, seconds from now!!!!! eeek!!!!
I had something very delicate & lovely on the needles. I had just done the provisional cast on & added the delicious new yarn to it. I maybe did 2 rows when I realized I just couldn't keep my eyes open another minute. so I tuck the project gently into a fairly large knitting book so that feline fingers won't get at it, not that she's a big fan of my knitting stuff, but I never like to take a chance. and this morning I notice my addi needle on the floor. that lil assh-le left the knitting intact in the book but pulled out the damn needle!!!!!! I know, it's my own fault & this is my punishment for doing something that I knew was wrong wrong wrong.
I shall spend my morning re-doing if I can't get those lil tiny stitches picked up again. woe is me.

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Sandra Knapp said...

My Rose would surprise me if she did something like that. The only time she ever goes near my knitting is when I'm knitting it. Then she will lay across my lap, grabbing as the yarn as I am using it. I have to be quick, because in the past, she has actually biten the yarn off! ACK!! Personally I think she does it just to force my attention, and then it becomes a game between us. She is a very smart cat.
(you do believe me, now, don't you?)