Wednesday, December 14, 2005

hello hello!!!!

happy wednesday to one & all!!!! so glad it's a new day. I just cooked a batch of chicken to take to work tomorrow because it be fri chicken day!!!! something we just made up but hopefully will continue every few weeks. of course, I didn't fry it, I baked it, but that's such a small lil ol formality, ya know!!!!
I'm still working TENACIOUSLY (ha ha!!!) on my scarf. it wants to lay there quietly but I ain't havin none of that!!!! did I use the word correctly this time, girlie girls??? I hope so!!!!!
I also made the nut crust for the cheesecake. I'm not having much luck w/nuts these days as the 2 brand new bags of macadamias I bought were rancid. I smelled it as soon as I opened them. so they're going right back to the store. instead I ground up walnuts & almonds. we shall see how it comes out!!! it sure does smell good tho!

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Sandra Knapp said...

It sure does. I can smell them walnuts and pecans all the way out here! hahahaha Talk about wishful thinking!!