Friday, December 09, 2005

it be fri chiken day!!!!!!!!!

atz right. today is friday. today is also fri chiken day. why?? because it is.

it's also a lovely chilly winter day here in arizona. for which I can wear my mittens. mittens that I just knitted up in a hurry because my hands were numb every single morning for the past 2 weeks. mittens for which I have 1/2 a cable pattern done & no thumb on the 1 mitten & a thumb but no cable pattern & big enough for 3 hands on the other. but they are wool, army green to be exact, & they have been keeping my hands nice & warm. besides it's pitch black in the morning so nobody will ever see them. I had gotten the wool from a yarn shop in Scarsdale, NY back in the 80's I think....they were going out of business & I bought all the Pinguin wool they had, for 69 cents each 100gr skein. they only had 2 colors, army green & halloween orange. not that that was the official names of the colors, just the names I assigned them. I made the elizabeth zimmermann sweater in the round, my very 1st, w/a huge turtleneck in the orange, & since I never ever ever bother w/doing a gauge, it mighta come out just a wee bit on the gigantic size. but a good turn in the washer & it shrunk & felted to the most comfy, warmest, soft as butta sweater I ever had in my life. so the lesson here is.........sometimes ollie gets lucky...yeah, it's the only lesson I could come up with. ta ta for now, kiddies.....


Kimi said...

okay, i am happy. your post has given me much joy, and much material with which to taunt you! ha!

a "wee bit" gigantic? be honest. you could probably park a volkswagon in that mitten. i've seen your knitting. gigantic doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. tell everyone about the "house cozy" you knit out of pez colored yarn. go ahead. i dare ya.

Ollie said...

did I just hear right????? have I been officially "DARED"???? I think I have.
ok, the pez colored sweater. yes, I knit it. it was HUGE. I ripped it out & then I made a lovely top down from "knitting, pure & simple" (love em!!!). it came out jjuuusssttttt rriiighhhttt. If I do say so myself.
are you happy now pippi/kimi????

Kimi said...

not quite. you should clearly define what YOU mean by JUST RIGHT. and be specific. 12 inches of ease? on either side? come on, you can tell the truth. it's just us. noone else will ever know.

of course, i already know. and you could still park a volkswagon in it.


Anonymous said...

ok i'm here, i read.... ur doing good......but you really should drink more's late i'm tired.......!later girl!

Sandra Knapp said...

My dear friend,

You really need to start guaging your knitting................Thank you Kimi, for the laugh! hahahaha