Tuesday, December 13, 2005

tenacious you say?????

I felt like using that word today. I just hope I'm using it in the right way. here is my story.
I left my car keys at work on my desk yesterday so when I got back home to the parking lot where we all take the vanpool, no keys. I ended up taking the van home. This morning I pile all the gifts to bring tonite to the knitting group & figure I'll just lock them in my car trunk. no keys. so the presents come alllll the way here to work with me, sitting in the van all day. So anyway, as I go to get my coffee out of my drawer, because we all know that ollie must have her coffee, I can't get in because..........no keys. I end up calling the locksmith, who is also 1 of the drivers in my vanpool, so he at least got my drawer picked open. now I just need to figure out how to get my keys. oh, I left out the best part. I had left my keys on my desk so I called & got a nurse who said she would just lock them in her locker. When I got to work today I find out she called in sick. so, no keys.
so now, all I wanna know is, was I tenacious???? don't make me get out the dictionary & look it up, please.


Kimi said...

no. you were not tenacious. sorry. wrong context. i would call you "unfortunate", "cursed", "unlucky", but not tenacious.

sorry. survery says.......nope.


Ollie said...

well I'm glad you're here to keep me honest!!!! thank you, dearest!!

I have no clue what happened to my post from yesterday. I swear I typed it in there tho I haven't a clue what I mighta said!!!!

Sandra Knapp said...

tenacious - adj; stubbornly unyielding; (of memory)having greater than average range; sticking together.

OK. We all know you are stubborn and unyielding, but that is your personality, not your actions! Apparently you were not tenacious enough with those keys, or they wouldn't be where they are, and you stuck without them. Now, how are you planning to get to your knitting party tonight, with that load of goodies you are taking, but without the car to take them in since the keys are locked in the absent nurse's locker???? Huh? Huh? Or do you plan to get the locksmith to break into that too?

This could only happen to you!