Thursday, December 08, 2005

is it friday yet????

has this been a long week or is it just me????
I made 2 tiny baby caps for 2 friends out of the Berocco Plush, just knitting around until done, & they both came out very soft & nice. I originally bought it to make the cute lil Ugg baby boots but my skin is so dry that the suede yarn keeps sticking to it. not fun. how many times must I file my skin down w/the nail file????? and then all that lotion. I don't drink enuff water so my skin is under-hydrated. you can't win. either you're too oily or too dry. such is life.


Kimi said...

awesome! now i can finally comment! sheesh, that was a pain! don't ever put me through that again! i love ya babe, but a girl's got her limits! hehehehe

glad to see you're posting daily. very important. but i still want to see pics. have j do it. he's a wiz on the pc, he should be able to do it in a flash!

i want to see the hats and you simply MUST make the uggs. i want to touch them!

Ollie said...

I didn't take a pic of the baby hats, I just gave them to who they were assigned to. I have the pic of the pretty wascloth tho...does that count????!!!

and a public apology to all that tried to access my blog but could not because of the lousy reception area!!!! ha ha ha!!!! it's all better now!

Sandra Knapp said...

Since you are here on Blogger, you should have no problem adding pictures. When I began my blog, you had to install another program to add photos to your blog, but not Blogger had made it possible right from the "create a post" page. So get on it kiddo! I want to see pics too.

About adding links to other blogs, you need to set up a free account at, and they will give you the info on how to set up the links, and how to add it to your blog. OK?

I don't know how to add buttons and other cute stuff like that yet, myself. Still haven't figured it out. You can get counters all over the place, like You need to open a membership again, but it's free anyway. And they too will tell you how and where to add it to your blog. Also, there are places right here on Blogger that tell you how to do all kinds of things. I need to study some of them myself, just haven't had the time.

OK, did I give you something to read this time?


Ollie said...

miss sandie, how DID you get so smart!!??? but yes, I've seen lil ol things here & there so I really must get in there & read them sometimes...or like I did today for miss kim, who swore I tried to ban her from my site (you know you did, pippi!) until I hunted far & wide & FINALLY figured it out...& all by myself I must say!!!!
ok, when I get home I'll try to get some pics took (see, I still need my man!!!) & get them on here.....but they can't compare to what you gals make!!!!!

Kimi said...

okay, i wake up in the pitch dark, drive to work in the pitch dark, sit here in the pitch dark, and open the blog to read a friendly post to start my day.

and there is no new post. yet. get on it sleepy head.