Thursday, December 15, 2005

xmas party

well, I just have to say that the knitting party last night was just fabulous!!!! we went to the yarn shop owner's country club, had a wonderful buffet w/drinks (whoo hoo)& then back to her house to exchange gifts. her house is gorgeous & it was all decorated & oh my, what can I say!!!!!
I'm almost finished my scarf & I must say, it is really looking good. it's a lovely merino wool in a deep purple & I'm using a pretty stitch I found in 1 of the barbara walker books. just lacy enough but not overdone. I still can't beleive I haven't ripped the whole damn thing out yet!!!!! after I block it, it should be about 7" wide. I really don't think anyone needs a scarf wider than that, if so, then make a shawl, for heaven's sake. but like I said before, I'm a lazy knitter w/ADD so I can only be distracted for so long in between my knitting!!! LOL!!!
other than that, joe goes into the hospital monday for his back surgery & I still haven't gotten him his gift yet. I told him we better wait just in case he doesn't survive, so that I don't have to return his damn gift. well we laughed like crazy over that, like we usually do, & I think that made him feel a little better & relieved some of his fear. if he thinks I'm scared then he'll be a basket case. but to be honest, I am a little bit worried because of his COPD & anything could happen. like ralph on the honeymooners said "what I say about him is 1 I feel is another!!"...and I do love him like crazy.
ok, have a great day everyone.


Kimi said...

good morning! glad to see you posted. glad you had a great time at the party. glad joe's feeling a little better about things.

now that you're almost done with your scarf, you can start the new scarf. i expect to see it all finished up by the next time i see you!

Sandra Knapp said...

Your scarf sounds lovely. I know how much you like gem tone colors, so I'm surprised you are planning to give this carf away and not keeping it for yourself! hahaha

Tell Joe I said hi! Wishing him the best, always.