Sunday, December 11, 2005

ah sunday.....

what a lovely day it was. I actually baked cookies today. I can't even remember the last time I baked cookies. I tasted 1 & it was extremely yummy but within an hour my stomach was on the warpath. for the past year I seem to get sick if I eat certain foods with wheat. but it isn't ALL foods with wheat. so I am perplexed. I know it isn't Celiac disease but I eat as tho it is.
I spent way too much money [at a gluten free store] on different flours hoping to blend them together into something decent enough to pass for what I'm used to. the assorted bags are sitting in my freezer like they have some kind of disease & I'm ascared to come near them. LOL! but 1 of these days I'll concoct something. what really made me sick is the 12 oz bag of pasta from Italy that cost me 7 bucks. you heard right. I still haven't made it & the bag is all in italian so I can't even try to duplicate the ingredients.
but getting back to my cookies, I originally wanted something biscotti-ish. I don't much care for anise so those recipes I had were tossed aside. I saw 1 for poppy seed cookies & thought, hey, I have those in my freezer!!! thankfully it called for the seed & not the paste stuff in a can. anyway, joe had removed them from the freezer saying they were not a real food & they were taking up good space that might otherwise go towards his hot pockets. so he put them in the pantry. how long ago, I don't know. so I open up the container & they smell rancid. so no poppyseed cookies. but I DID have sesame seeds!!! so I threw them in a pan on the stove & toasted them, ground up some almonds, creamed some butter w/flour, vanilla, 1 egg & a little salt, rolled it all up into 3 logs & threw it in the oven for about 12 min. after I took them up I let them cool, sliced them into biscotti look alikes & popped them back in. man, were they good!!!!


Kimi said...

baking cookies? a $7 bag of pasta? throwing something away?

okay, who are you and what have you done with ollie?

Sandra Knapp said...

I see, you made poppy seed cookies, but instead of poppy seed you used sesame seed instead? Really now? I sure am glad you didn't send me any.........I KNOW what poppy seed tastes like, and it sure ain't sesame seed! hahahaha


Ollie said...

I love poppy seeds & would have really liked to taste them....but the sesame was good too...better if I had just kept them on the outside tho, instead, they were all thru the batter & just had a crunch instead of that yummy sesame seed taste!!!!